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english paper headlines CrossFit Beyond

page CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

source site Owner/Head Trainer

source CrossFit Beyond

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go to link CrossFit Level 2 - James Hobert, Austin Malleolo

help with my dissertation proposal CrossFit Barbell - Mark Rippetoe

CrossFit Football - John Welbourn

CrossFit for Kids - Jeff & Nikki Martin

CrossFit Kettle Bell - Jeff Martone

CrossFit Mobility - Kelly Starrett

CrossFit Olympic - Josh Everett

CrossFit Gymnastics - Dave Durante

CrossFit Gymnastics - Jeff Tucker

CrossFit Judge

Coaches Prep - Trainers: Dave Castro, Adrian Bozman, Nicolle Carroll

CrossFit Level 1 - Trainers: Dave Castro, Adrian Bozman, Pat Sherwood and Chris Speller

Dmitry Klokov - Olympic Weighlifting Seminar

SWISS Symposium 2015 - Bill Kazmaier - American former world champion powerlifter,

Athletes and Coaches Workshop - The Movements Fix

Elisabeth Akinwale - “On Balance”

Donny Shankle - Weightlifting Seminar

Diane Fu - Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

E.C. Synkowski - Snatch & Clean & Jerk Seminar

Business of Excellence - CrossFit NewEngland

POSE Running

Movement, Mobility & Maintenance - Kelly Starrett

Personal Training Institute of America



english essay on terrorism Meghan DiGiulio

CrossFit Beyond
Trainer/Yoga Instructor

Meghan is a Level 1 certified Crossfit Trainer and a Certified Yoga Instructor. She is a full time student at Suny Albany, coaches part time and teaches Yoga at Crossfit Beyond. Her favorite movements are handstands, squat snatches, over-head squats, pull-ups and back squats. She also enjoys the ‘hill run’, team wods and foam rolling.




go to link Andres Felipe Mercado

CrossFit Beyond
Staff Member

Since Andres was a little kid he was involved in sports from baseball, soccer, swimming,  and volleyball among others. Before doing CF he was practicing kickboxing and doing body weight training including programs like Insanity and P90x.

Andres discovered CF watching the games on ESPN at home and was then fortunate enough to give it a try when he moved to Albany in 2012.  Since then he just can’t get enough of it. Andres says, "What I love about CF is that there is always room for improvement (strength-conditioning, technique, etc) plus I consider myself really competitive which fits perfectly with the way CF works; I’m always comparing myself against other athletes and it is really encouraging to see all the progress done since I started. I like to believe that there is no limit to what you can achieve as long as you are disciplined and consistent."

When he's not working or at the box, Andres enjoys traveling, seeing new places, meeting new people and trying new things. He's always looking for a good adventure!





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CrossFit Beyond

Mo is a Level 1 certified Crossfit Trainer raised in the Capital District. Prior to Crossfit, he played high school football and spent most of college years running long distances or playing flag football. He became interested in Crossfit after hearing a few friends talk about all the benefits AND realizing he could consume an entire large pizza by himself in one sitting. Within a few months he joined Crossfit Beyond and never looked back.

click here “One day we worked on how high we could box jump. I reached almost reached 3 and half feet. That evening I bought a cape ad mask because I was convinced Crossfit made me into a superhero”

Since starting Crossfit, Mo has done things like invent the internet, cause the extinction of the dinosaurs, and has continued to defer his student loans. His favorite movements are Clean and Jerks, Deadlifts, Double Unders, Running and obviously Box Jumps.

source link “I want to inspire everyone to become better than they were yesterday through positivity, humor, and videos of my cat”

When he is not coaching at Crossfit Beyond, Mo goes to school full time working on his 2nd Master’s degree in Counseling, performs standup comedy at his open mic every Monday night, and works as a wedding DJ for Cool Cat Entertainment. Mo is not married and doesn’t have any kids but he does have a cat which fills those voids.




Stacey is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and CrossFit Kids Trainer

She has been CrossFitting since 2008.  She has a passion for working with kids and seeing them achieve new goals.  Her goal is teaching the kids that working out is fun and a healthy way of life.  Stacey brings encouragement, positive energy, and excitement to each class.  She is also a Special Education Teacher at the Langan School, in the Center For Disabilites.


Eugene is a Level 1 CrossFit certified trainer who has been coaching
athletes for over a year.  He is a great coach who knows just when to
push you harder and when to leave you alone.  He is very knowledgeable
and really understands the science behind the movement.  Eugene also
has CrossFit Barbell certification as well as CrossFit Nutrition.  He
is passionate and very excited to bring that passion and knowledge to
as many people as he can.

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