Today's Kids Club did great!

First on the agenda today was a little running, agility ladder and then challenging ourselves at jump roping.


Jump roping incorporates rhythm, memory, cooperation and creativity into one of the best conditioning exercises. The coordination and agility to jump rope are "usually" developed around the age of 6 to 8.

This class is well beyond their age! We went into this just wanting to try it out and we jump roped for 1 minute and low and behold.... EVERYONE got it. Including our newest and youngest athlete of 4, Anna!.

Next we went over the basic movements sharing what we knew with Anna and then we hit the GAME!

Again we thought we'd try something new. Today's GAME was all about BALANCE. Harrison, Harmony and Anna challenged themselves to walk, squat, climb and lunge with a Bean Bag on their head. YUP a bean bag.  This was to force posture, balance, and agility. Keeping the chest up head forward with an upward posture. All producing good anatomy. Wonderful Job! This will only follow through on everyday movements to our CrossFit movements.

I think today's class was great! We started off with some rowing, running, laterial jumps, ring rows, and mountain climbers.

Then we hit a cluster WOD. Everyone worked really hard at completely all 7 rounds with our new athletes scaling weight and completing 5 rounds.

Welcome and congratulations to Bernadette on her first WOD!

Mary Beth completing 5 rounds of new movements. Heather, also new, was challenged at doing all 7 rounds AND completing all with really great form. That leaving our original gang doing a phenomenal job, Ariel and Jennifer both kicking butt on this one, really working hard, also keeping on track with form!

Last but not least the men..... Mathew and Ryan....well all I have to say is, it was quite enjoyable to watch them hit this WOD at 95lb and both (yes both) wanting to puke.  Pushing yourself, challenging yourself is what's going to make "you" healthier, fitter and a better athlete!

Nice job Siena gang I couldn't be prouder!!

Be prepared to hit some more great WOD's next week.

If you know anyone interested in trying CrossFit....Elements Classes will be held this Tuesday, February 1st, feel free to tell them to stop in and try it out! This is a great opportunity to learn more about CrossFit without taking away time from our normal classes.