Weekend Survey

This weekend we asked the kids what they liked the most at CrossFit.

These were the top:
agility ladder

We just learned rowing this weekend and already they love it. All three young athletes understood the idea of arms, legs, legs, arms, lean forward and pull back..... It was actually fun watching them do something I personally want to master. So much so that I replaced living room furniture with a rower. I can almost be confident that these three did so well on their first day they will be surpassing me.

Skill was reviewing wall ball, box jumps and cleans in preparation of the WOD.

Then the obstacle course which is being mastered by all three. I think it's time to make this a little more challenging!


What better way to wake up to Cindy then doing Cindy with your friend since grammar school.
Please join me in welcoming one of Heather's longtime schoolmates, Elizabeth.
Today we did a refresher class on CrossFit elements. Class began with a run and a row and then right into skills.
Both of these women are very strong! and I can see how they are both going to kick butt together just like they did today!

That's the beauty of CrossFit.....the community and friendships that are built.
You don't forget them!
It must be something about working really hard, facing your fears, challenging yourself, sharing your stories, your failures and your success. It's sharing of oneself after you've given all of yourself into a WOD. It's an awesome feeling!!


Front Squat, back squat, low back squat, high back squat, overhead squat, air squat, wall squat, box squat........ I'm starting to sound like Bubba.

We do so many things that involve squating that you wonder why the constant cues, of chest up, weight in your heels, or push you knees out occur. Constant reminders that make you safer, efficient, effective and ultimately a better athlete!

That's what we are trying to do here. Make you better athletes. So when I yell scream, send annoying emails is because I want you to become better. I want you to come in, I want you to be on time (because otherwise you'll miss something), I want you to try your hardest, so when I yell to get moving or stop hacking it for your own good.

It's what we call "CrossFit Love".

Nice job to Heather, Bernadette, Piper and Tanya for respresenting the Siena Gang today. You all did such a beautiful job. Could you tell by my screaming?
I was just so thrilled for all of you.

Taking it to a new level.

Siena started the week by taking it to another level, literally! and I believe physically!

The Siena Gang started the week up on top....
800m run
50 air squats
400m run
50 situps
400m run
50 air squats
800m run
and it looked like fun (from my point of view)
Nice job to Heather, Mathew, Shannon and Ariel all coming in very close to one another. All really pushing it to their limits. ALL ending up flat on their backs!!! Awesome way of pushing it!!! Very proud.