It was simply amazing to watch the Kids Club this weekend. I was so proud of the efforts from Harrison, Harmony, Anna (on her second day) and Nathan (GREAT to see you back!)

Every athlete was there, on the money, listening, learning, "wanting" to HIT a WOD!! WANTING to play the GAME. These athletes impressed me so much that on their Water Break (which takes place halfway through in order to set up for the GAME) they were hitting the agility ladder with bunny hops and one leg hops.... AMAZING!! The energy and enthusiasm was awesome.

This is where being a trainer has so many rewards, seeing others have the same passion as you. Having athletes want to have good technique, wanting to learn, wanting to workout and wanting to do it the best they can.

Harmony, Harrison, Nathan and Anna.... you made me extremely proud this weekend!

Keep up the good work and we'll see you next week.

After figuring out equipment, moving things in and out we finally hit FIGHT GONE BAD! Siena hit this last month but this time it was different. We all were more familiar with the moves, more experienced and practicing SDHPs on our strength day this week certainly helped.

We had Piper, Ariel, Ryan, Heather, Mary Beth and Bernadette work really hard at each movement. Looking from the outside I think the most difficult movement for everyone was the wall balls.

Expect to see them more often!  :) In order to become better athletes we need to work on not just our strengths but also our weaknesses.