CrossFit for Women ONLY is here to stay!

It has been quite the adventure these past couple of months. Siena Gang growing, Kids Club growing, and then when you think things couldn't get better the CrossFit for Women ONLY classes has been great. It's been FUN! These women like it. They want to get fit. They want to "do it!".

We are very pleased to have added even one more to our group. Fran is coming to us very fit already and we know she will just grow into a true CrossFitter. You can see... it's in her nature!!

Our first class was talking about goals, body awareness, exercise history and nutrition. Then we went into the basic squat and push press.
Fran and Rose did great!! Don't be too surprised if you are alittle sore today and tomorrow. You both worked very hard! Water, water and water. Stretch if you can take the time.... Look forward to hitting it again next week.