Saturday morning girls.

It was the girls this weekend hitting the WOD by themselves.

The new skills this week were tuck jumps and front squats.
Anna and Harmony surprised us today by remembering the "rack position".
Actually everything these two did this weekend was an improvement from last week. The prowler push, the squats... and Anna what a wonderful job on the agility ladder this week. The agility ladder takes alot of coordination, balance and practice. Harmony and Anna have been doing great with these skills.

PROUD of you girls! See you next week.

We hope to see the everyone back next week.

Bench Presses and some odd CrossFit moves.

Friday started off with the ladies hitting a very good first day of bench presses. SO good I couldn't help but get inspired and want to jump in on the fun!

It was good. It was good to have Amanda, Heather and Tanya now have an established bench press weight. You should be very proud. The weights were very respectable.

Then on to some "different" CrossFit movements. Seated presses, jumping air squats and one leg holds. Once again, you have proven yourselves and we are going UP, up in weight and up in reps!!!

Success comes from within. You have to know in your heart & mind "I got this". You have to know inside "I can do this!" and you have to tell yourself "I AM STRONG" Amanda, Heather and Tanya you certainly proved this today! VERY PROUD.

Ariel, Amanda and Ryan don't let Ryan's party linger into Monday. REST Sunday and get in on Monday!!
Everyone have a great weekend, see you Monday!

CrossFit is a Family Affair.

Beautiful job to our family of CrossFitters!!

Stella, Oscar and Kosta took on a new movement this week.


For never have done this movement before all three did very very well. ALL movements will get easier as we practice and practice them. But you should all be proud of the way you learned a new movement and then hit a WOD of Thrusters and Medicine Ball Cleans.

Good Morning!

Siena Gang started off the morning with some good mornings, ring rows and some speed drills. Then we spilt. Spilt the Gang in half with the new athletes going over the deadlift and the others hitting a heavy deadlift WOD.

Deadlifts, situps and running. What a combination!! Mathew, Shannon, Ryan and Ariel partnered up on this one. Even though both teams took on a challenging weight they all made it look easy!! I think we're going UP next time. Good job!

Our newest athletes, Heather, Bernadette and Piper were lead by Gene establishing their one rep max.