Tough Love is an expression used when someone treats another person sternly with the intent to help them in the long run. This WOD was to be hard.....once again Siena Gang is making leaps and bounds...because this looked easy for you all.

This WOD was challenging in it had a variety of movements at high reps. Some were a little timid in their scaling, some scaling appropriate and some taking me by surprise and going for a little heavier weights. It was good to see! and it was even better to see the times for this WOD.

Good job today Siena Gang.

Hope you enjoyed the treats. See.....there is "healthy" alternatives to candy, soda, and bagels. Keep up the good work and we'll talk more and more about nutrition. Please ask questions. I like to see what you're eating. Thank you Heather for bringing in a box of something she likes to eat. This way we could look at the ingredients and talk about it. That was good....

See you Wednesday for some heavy lifting!