Now that was FUN!


The kids club this weekend was FUN. We not only had our little athletes learning new movements but we actually got the Mom's moving as well.

After warming up to "THE BEST" bunny hops to this day. Two feet AND in almost every square. It has been such a short time practicing these and its amazing how well Nathan, Harmony and Anna are doing with the agility ladder.

Balls slams were a new skill we learned today as well. GREAT JOB throwing 4.5-7.5lbs from over head!!

We then learn one of the more complicated olympic lifts for our young athletes, but I would say they did pretty good for their first day of deadlifts with a pvc pipe/bar. Are WOD was then deadlifts and burpees!

Then there came a really fun morning GAME with Mom's trying their hands at it to help demonstrate how its done. Object of today's GAME was to move the SMILE, made of a loaded bar for the eyes, tire for the nose and boxes for the smiling mouth and recreate it down the long black mat. It was a race against the clock to work as a team remembering how the pieces were broken done and then put back in the exact order.

Memory, team work, colors, numbers, speed and strength are just some of the skills we worked on today. WONDERFUL job to both our young athletes and our Moms!!

To end the weekend class was a short talk on nutrition. The young athletes tested out a fruit shake with almond milk.......well the expressions said it all as they handed their glasses to Mom. Next time I promised the fruit shakes would be made of milk instead of a very  "nutty flavor" of almond milk. BUT the fruit was a hit and each athlete took home an apple or banana. Our goal is going to be to try and stay away from soda and too much candy. Because we want to be strong and HEALTHY!

500 movements!?

Is that right?
500 movements in Filthy Fifty.

How is everyone feeling?

What a performance by the Siena Gang ending the week
with the well known WOD "Filthy Fifty".

So glad most of you made it in for this. It was great WOD with 10 different movements, high reps needing both endurance and strength.
The times this Gang ended with were really nice.

What better way to send Mary Beth off, then to have her and her roomie, Bernadette kicking butt in this WOD finishing first. I'd like to thank Mary Beth for working really hard during her stay at CrossFit and we wish her success has she furthers her routine swimming here at Siena. You are certainly welcome back when you're done or stop back if you have questions on anything.

Talking about questions........
Look forward to a meal and nutrition talk coming up soon.

I will provide the meal along with handouts, scales, food scales, camera and body composition forms. We'll look back at where we were a couple of months ago and see if we moved forward or behind.


Very impressive push presses from Stella and Oscar.

We went to the top with presses this week. This age group can range from pvc pipe to 15# bar and....well they hit the top. It may have been a struggle but they kept in pretty good form. Very very good for your first time at this weight.
Mark that one down!

We started class by running and football drills. Presses, broad jumps, box jumps and farmers walk were the skill and GAME.

Good job you guys.

Although next week is school break CrossFit Beyond will still hold classes both Thursday and Saturday.
We hope Ryan, Megan, Harrison and Lucy have time to come in. We miss you! Everyone else have a safe trip on your vacations!! See you when you get back.