Sorry guys...but they have been!

Mid week was interesting to say the least. We began with 200m walk/jog/run with 25# overhead followed by a 400m run.
Just enough to get our body warmed up for some skill work on presses.

Skill was a short discussion on bench presses and a 3x5 @ 80%. That was just enough to get in a little strength work for the day.

On to a body weight movement of push ups, situps and air squats. These are PERFECT at home exercises, in any combination for those who are finding it hard to get in. All three combined touch "almost" every muscle group!

THEN the "AFTER PARTY". An After Party is a little extra at the end of the hour.

We took on some more football drills. But I'm not sure if Tanya and Amanda were "actually" doing a football drill or the "Jig"!