Sometimes CrossFit just isn’t “Fun”.

Sometimes we just don't have it in us to do a WOD or even warm up our bodies. Sometimes it's just been a bad day, a tiring day, a LOOOOOONNNNG day.
Sometimes we would much rather be home watching TV.
Well I think that was the case this week at the Kids Club. Nothing seemed "Fun". Even the thought of picking up dumbbells wasn't "Fun". BUT the kids were troopers, they ran around and warmed up their body totally against their will then they suffered through the skill and finished by pushing themselves to the point of collapsing on the floor during and after the WOD.

Days like that are OK.
We all have days when we're tired, we just don't want to exercise we just would rather be home. That's OK.
After a break, a good rest you just start back at it another day.

When all else fails we know when we throw in a GAME (90% of the time) the kids leave happy they did "something".
So we asked the kids to come up with the GAME this week and Oscar came up with Pickle for our group. Not remembering how to play... the rules were announced and off we went. Burpee penalties were thrown in there for those who got hit. In the end it worked out great.