We apologize for the mess still. BUT it is looking really good.

New pullup bars, lifting platforms, weight rack, bar rack, new rower, new box jumps and lots more toys on it's way! So if you're looking for us we are down at 952 Broadway making headway. Looking for new posts..... they're coming! (right after we stop spending 10-12 hours days getting CrossFit Beyond up and in full swing.) NO more traveling CrossFit. NO more temporary places. All classes will be in one place beginning April 7 for the kids. Siena classes will begin Wednesday April 6 at 6:00am.

In May we will begin a new schedule with more classes and times. Look back for more info on that or call 810-5794 with any questions.

Although today wasn't technically opening the doors yet, we did have our first Trainers WOD which was awesome!! It feels great to have CrossFit fun. That wasn't until we all had a lesson on double unders by Eugene and I think we were all getting it. (well some of us)  :)

Then the Women ONLY class had the pleasure of really having the first WOD in the gym. What a moment that was!