Line ’em up

Monday started off with an array of movements.
What better WOD to practice several bar weighted movements all in one is the 'Bear"
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
and then the Push Press again.

and we had the crowd to do it. Partnering up was Brendan|Michael, Heather|Rosina, Elisabeth|Amanda, and Holly|Josie.
The first round being slow to get the movements down but then things went very smoothly. Nice job and congratulations to Josie for making it through her first WOD!

You want to know what's been going on?
Classes are getting bigger and better. Everyday there's something new, someone new and something very exciting happening.
The last 3 days have been a whirl wind around the gym.

To end up the week we tried out the new pull up bars in our WOD which was very cool. Saturday our Kids Club got in on the action in the main room, Saturday night was almost an all nighter putting down the rest of the floor in the kids room, Sunday the women kicked butt on the weekend WOD.

The best part (to me) about this garage gym is the overhead doors! It was such a pleasure to open the doors Sunday to sun, and fresh air. Therefore we took advance of the open doors to put in a 200m run into the WOD. Another big plus to the gym is we have a park adjacent to our building. That plus the very large 40+ car parking lot makes for a great space to run.

More toys to come this week to keep us outdoors. Prowlers are being made for kids and adults!