The Power Clean

CrossFit has so many things to learn, so many "fun" things to learn. In order to perform these movements safely and effectively we have to learn the form and technique. Each movement taking alot of time and practice to get it down.

Here is just a couple of things to remember about The Power Clean from Mark Rippetoe:

1. The path the bar makes through space from starting position to racking position is a major factor in the efficiency of the lift.

2.Pull the bar slow and correct off the floor - fast and close at the top.

3. It's important that the bar be in contact with the thigh at the jumping position.

4. Two thirds up the thigh you should actually try to jump off the ground with the bar.

5. The movement is a shrug of the shoulders instantly followed by jamming the elbows up and forward to catch the bar on the deltoids. This movement is fast and must be caught before it falls too far.

I would say our first day was very successful. Shout out to Michael, Brendan, Elisabeth, Rosina, Heather, and Maureen on a great job!

AND nice job with your "Tabata" Squat numbers. Very happy with the way everyone is getting their squats down. (literally)