Pride Continued…

There is so much good stuff to tell you of how the week ended.
The star of Thursday night Kids Club, Nathan was so impressive. Nathan was the shy one several months ago. He's the one who didn't want to leave Mom's side..... not anymore. He comes in enthused and excited to tell Miss Stacey and I something....anything....and everything.
He even wants to teach us some things in the gym!!

He'll even teach you that burpees can be FUN!

Following the Kids Club the adults took on some action with heat #1 - Stacey vs. Ryan going at "Baseline" followed with me.... as always finishing last at the pull upbars. I have not seemed to master that and like many things I have work to do. BUT I NEVER GIVE UP!

"Good Friday" was exactly that. It began with a great Team WOD
Team A: (and winners) Heather, Holly and Maureen
Team B: (second place but also winners) Ken, Brendan and Joy

Big shout out to Ken for making it through two classes this week. Taking him I'm sure out of his comfort zone to do things he has never done before. But I really didn't need to worry because he did very well. I was delighted how well he did.

The great day didn't end there.

We are very happy to say we have acquired a new (used) refrigerator from Elisabeth. We were so thrilled (once we got it out of the house) to have a refrigerator for the gym. Not only does the gym have a refrigerator that works but there is a full kitchen, with stove, microwave and sink.

Look forward to cooking lessons!

and then after it's painted we'll put in the kitchen table and blender for Post WOD shakes!!

We will be extending that kitchen next week outside with a grill and a picnic table (that needs to be painted - any volunteers?)

ONE MORE BIT OF EXCITEMENT!!! We got two BIIIIGGGGG tires today from our neighbors, Terry Haggerty Tires. That has to be one of the funnest things. We already tried them look forward to "flipping" tires soon.

Really nice job this week ladies and gents. Have a great Holiday weekend.... see you when we get back from LI.