“Kelly”, Nutrition Class AND Dinner?

Tonight was filled with activity. We started the night out by doing
5 rounds
400 m run
30 box jumps 24"
30 wall ball 20#
Then we sat under the fan and talked about the June Nutrition Challenge.
We have 11 athletes ready to commit to Zone, Paleo, Zone/Paleo or a better alternative to their current nutrition plan.
Each Athlete was given a folder with information, tip, and resources, along with a CD filled with Paleo recipes and a 30 day meal plan.

WE'VE GIVEN YOU THE TOOLS. We even served dinner and showed you portion size, recipes, where to buy, what to buy and how it can be on a budget plan.

Let's do this CrossFit Beyond!!
25 days
5 cheat days
4th of July celebration!

Traditional Memorial WOD

This weekend we had two groups of athletes going at "Murph".
Some doing this insane workout rx'd and others scaling in half.
I have to admit both groups weather scaled or rx'd did a phenomenal job.
Any WOD that takes 37 - 77mins (that would be me) can be sure you will end up on your butt. It's a test of your commitment and endurance. It's the ability to stay on track and not give up. It's what makes us true CrossFitters.

Final touches

CrossFit Beyond is getting it's final touches.

There is only one class tomorrow, Monday, Memorial Day
We will be doing a traditional CrossFit Memorial WOD
"Murph" @ 9am
this WOD is about an hour long
There will be of course scaling.
Members, non members, family and friends are invited.
Afterwards there will be paleo treats to try out.

Hope to see you!

Memorial Day WOD

We are planning a Memorial Day WOD Monday morning at 9am.
Whether 1 or 21 people come we will be there working out.
The WOD is open to anyone interested in working out, members and non-members.
Scaling will be used for all fitness levels.
The warm-up and WOD should last about an 1-1.5 hours and afterwards there will be paleo snacks to try.

Please answer the poll below in order for us to plan for the WOD and snacks
Checking off the box "With guests" means they will be working out.
Anyone is invited just to visit and enjoy a snack after wards.