Monkeying Around

Monday started off with a good WOD of 7 Clusters.
Ken, Maureen, and Michele took this one on just learning the movements with Heather and Mathew leading the pack full of energy this morning!
Nice job to all for tackling this. To the new CrossFitters..... it gets easier. "I Promise."
After today's WOD we headed for the Kids room for Monkey Hangs. This is great for grip strength, stretching the back has well has just getting use to holding and hanging on a bar. That in itself is a new challenge when never done before. I think everyone did very well. Not bad! Not bad at all.

Room for fun.

This past weekend was long hours. Cleaning, organizing, and painting for almost 24 hours. AND, somehow we were able to fit in several classes of fun. Friday morning was a Team WOD. Saturday the Kids Club got to check out their new prowlers and Sunday the women hit some muscles they didn't know they had.
We even got a surprise visit by Curious George!
During his visit he watched and learned more about CrossFit and then even got a try at the rowers.
George wasn't our only visitor Sunday we had a very pleasant surprise to have Robin with us for the women's class.
Great job on your first CrossFit Class Robin.