Well "The Chief" was received very well by both morning and evening classes this week.

Mathew had great rounds! Rosina after a short break from CrossFit came back strong as ever. Ken....did great. I could see it in his eyes though.... the kind that say this "stinks" but when all was said and done he triumphed over this WOD!! Fran got through halfway and was almost going to meet "Pukie" but she pulled it together with a VERY impressive finish. Really nice job Fran.

Now Ryan has been adjusting and working on his cleans and tonight was the best I ever seen them!! GREAT progress Ryan.

Glad you all had the pleasure of doing "The Chief"

This workout is in honor of Chief Petty Officers.

Each year in the United States Navy, a highly qualified and elite cadre of Sailors are selected and promoted to the join the ranks of Chief Petty Officer. Since 1893, "The Chiefs" have been relied upon by subordinates and superiors alike for their personal example, technical expertise and above all, their unique leadership capabilities. As the induction process for newly selected Chief Petty Officers is now underway throughout the US Navy, we thought it appropriate to inaugurate "The Chief" in honor and recognition of all past and present CPOs. Thanks to them and their families for their self-sacrifice, ability to adapt, tireless dedication to mission and devotion to country.