Going “Beyond” Your Comfort Zone

A lot of times in life we have to go out of our comfort zone, either willingly or unwillingly.

CrossFit takes us out of our comfort zone, willingly and sometimes unwillingly.

We want it.....we want it so bad we take risks to do things we have never done.
We want it....because it looks fun.
We want it....because we know it will make us stronger and healthier.

Tonight was one of those nights we had to step out of the usual, step into something a tad bit scary and out of the realm of things you would normally do, like getting upside down to do a Handstand Push up (or its progression) and using resistance bands. Resistance bands (or assistant bands) are intimidating but we get in them because we know they will help us get to a higher level.

And we know that going beyond our comfort zone makes us stronger inside and out, it builds self esteem....it builds character!

Tonight's WOD was....well the response was: "I think I like Nate!"
GREAT job guys!