As a trainer you want to "encourage" an athlete to "keep going", "GO! GO!", "you got it", "one more" and so forth. Sometimes not even sympathizing with the way they are feeling...beat, out of breath, sore, about to faint and maybe even puke. You don't realize how thin that line is from yelling at an athlete to push forward... or to say "pace it out" "you got this", "just finish it up". Until you know the athlete and their capabilities it's hard to know.

HOWEVER, it is much easier to know when you've experienced the WOD yourself as a trainer. You know the pain, you know how it feels, each movement, each drill.

Tonight was a clear case of how "I" know what the athletes were feeling as I laid on the floor after Fight Gone Bad. I knew it during the WOD when I was being yelled at to "pick it up" or "1, 2, 3" or "come on Joy"

I felt (and still feel) how you all felt today!  Holly, Maureen, Heather, Melonie, Jamie, Elisabeth and Stacey.... you all did wonderful. Those numbers today were great!!!

Get some REST you deserve it.