Saturday Morning Fun with "Cathy".


Dumb Bell Presses

Gotta Love it!
Everyone challenged themselves today. Elisabeth, Brendan, Heather and our newest member Liz did a fantastic job today with form and technique. Nice job to Liz for completing her first CrossFit WOD with CrossFit Beyond. Today was Liz's Free class and it didn't take her long after the WOD to sign right up!! We all welcome you and your family Liz. While Liz was working out with the Adults her two little ones were in at the Kids Club having a fantastic time with new games and new equipment. The Adult classes started running classes during the Kids Club classes to allow the "Moms" and "Dads" to get in on the action and it has proven to be a successful package deal!
The Kids Club not only has new ideas, and new games but we finally have the monkey bars put up!!!! AND the kids LOVE IT. Check out more on the Kids Club Blog or follow the KIds Club on Facebook under CrossFit Beyond Kids Club