We had three great things happen today.

1. The shower is in!!! (Except I can't find the handle) SO we are 98% done. By Monday Morning you may start utilizing the shower on a first come first serve. Seriously. We will have a board outside the shower room and you will have to get in earlier..... SO you can put your name on the board first and get out on time.

2. Great Bench Press Day. We finally got benches in this week so we wanted to use them right away and everyone did some nice weights. Because most of us have not established our max weight it was hard to know how far we could go..... well... Ryan knew tonight...he automatically said....I'm doing 200lbs and that's what he did! Beautiful job.

and then

3. GREAT GREAT food tonight....from Armenian Hamburgers to raspberry sorbet. Thank you to all that brought food or brought questions for the night. I know I learned more just listening to others talk about Paleo and what they've learn.

Thanks for a great day guys!!