Tabata on Both Sides of the Wall

Not only was Tabata going on in the Kids Club today but the adults were taking on Tabata Something Else in the main room. Two different programmer, two different classes, not even knowing the other was doing Tabata today. (Family minds thinking alike)

Great job to both sides of the wall.

Not only did the Kids Club hit Tabata they also had the opportunity try "CrossFit Baseball" YUP "CrossFit Baseball" What a great way to use CrossFit movements with a twist of baseball. Very creative! and very FUN!

Nice job to Ms. Stacey for researching, planning and organizing a Fun workout EVERY class. Every Kids Club class is filled with new games to keep the kids interested and the kids are loving it!! The Legos, the Baseball, the dice, the monkey bars, the new box jumps... so so many new things being implemented every class.

This as turned to a great Kids Program!