Each week we will be working on 1 particular movement. It will be in the skill, it will be our strength movement and it will be in one of our WOD's.
This weeks movement is THRUSTERS


noun \?thr?s-t?r\

Definition of THRUSTER

one that thrusts; especially an engine (as a jet engine) that develops thrust by expelling a jet of fluid or a stream of particles
...and that's what it felt like!!! Nice job to both the morning and night classes today. We had a super morning with our neighbor, Peter from Albany Spring and then this evening we had the pleasure of having Cliff visit us from CrossFit LI. Cliff is up here training our Albany Fire Department right down here by CrossFit Beyond. You can tell he's been doing CrossFit for sometime now....he crushed this WOD tonight. Great job to Ryan, Melanie, Heather, Holly and Mark on good from and determination!
(had lots of pictures.....but I'm home and the camera got left behind)
Super glad to see everyone getting back in!!
See you tomorrow for guess what?