A family that plays “and” prays together is “ONE HAPPY FAMILY”

Last week we posted on CrossFit Beyond being a family affair well that continues....
Today we were blessed by the Girvan family.
Neither CrossFit or working out is new to this family and being together enjoying each other is certainly not new either. This family was an absolute pleasure to see... how families that play together (and pray together) are truly "ONE HAPPY FAMILY"


Great job to everyone at CrossFit Beyond today as the cut off was 25 mins and EVERYONE had time to spare.
BIG SHOUT OUT TO HOLLY! Not only did she take one for the team and use a 45# kettle bell (because of limited weights) she completed the WOD in less then 25 minutes. Absolutely amazing the things you think you can and can't do!!

NO doubt in my mind you were making this one today Holly!  Congrats.