Important Dates

Save these Dates!!

September 1 - CrossFit Clean Up Act Begins

ALL athletes need to sign up on the board what they will be doing for the month of September.

September 5 - Labor Day, 11:00am
"Stephen" WOD @ Albany CrossFit
Everyone at CrossFit Beyond and Collar City CrossFit is invited to the 3rd "Stephen" WOD.
(This WOD is in honor of my late husband.)

September 10 - The Barrel Fest, 1-8pm
The Barrel Saloon will be having a block party with live bands, food, and then CrossFit Beyond and The Barrel Saloon will be having a Strongman Throwdown. CrossFit Beyond will be organizing keg presses, farmer walks, tire flips and sled pulls.

September 10 - Kids Exp, Crossgates Mall, 11-3pm
CrossFit Beyond is working with CDPHP in promoting good health and exercise. CrossFit Beyond will be demonstrating CrossFit movements several times during the day for kids to try out.

September 17 - 5k Run for Autism, 7:30am

CrossFit Beyond will be conducting the warm up for all the runners. We would love a group of CrossFit Beyond Athletes to go into this race as a team. Free t-shirts for all participants.
CrossFit Beyond will be CLOSED on that date. WOD - 5k Run