September Challenge

Well the September Challenge ended today and I think we had 50% success.
"Most" people said they "tried" to keep to their promise. Several people had what I would say a very successful month.
Heather: Baked a semi-healthy carb and made a big meal on Sunday every week that she could eat throughout the week. She cut out diet pepsi and all soda 100%. Made it to the gym for 20 wods (plus two runs on my own when she couldn't get there)
Scott: Gave up smoking and drinking!!
Stephanie: Did Paleo and lost 3 pounds in less than two weeks. NICE.
Those are just three AWESOME success stories!
Congrats to those doing the Coaches Challenge, everyone did a valiant effort on pullups and dips.

Today was a great ending to the week. A Partner WOD. Partner WOD are great interval training WODs. Just enough time to get rest and get ready to HIT it again. The only problem with Partner WODs is that you HAVE TO COME IN PAIRS. Your trainer can not keep filling in for absentee athletes. TWICE TODAY!

Then we had a little fun after the WOD... one of my favorite.... Rope Climbs! Nice job to John and Jess for making the 14' ascent with ease. We will be seeing more rope climbing soon.

What an exciting day at CrossFit Beyond.

It was really exciting today... not to say fun.
Husband & Wife, Tom and Stephanie doing so well on their squats! What an improvement. "The couple", John and Jessica working and learning so much. Scott playing camera man. Peter, our newest member is so ambitious and working so hard. Heather (yes, our pregnant lady) is still going at the WOD by storm. Of course we have the morning crew, Bruce, Holly, Tim, Keith, Mark and Bill ...well I can't say enough about CrossFit Beyond's Morning Crew... they're the best.
But, I do believe we have some friendly competition
going between the morning and night class.
People are not just going up against the Pregnant Lady but we have a man to man competition going on... and they don't even know each other!
Morning Crusher Tim vs. Night Fighter John
annnnnnnnndddd the time of the day goes to
Morning Crusher Tim using 95# Squat Clean Thrusters - 14:34
Night Fighter John using the same finishing 16:44

Why do we write things down?

CrossFit Handbook:
CrossFit's foundation is a precise definitions of fitness that can be measured, observed, and repeated.
This measurable and repeatable improvement in health and performance led to the adoption of CrossFit as the principal strength and conditioning program.
...measurable results ensures the constant evolution of the program as better methods are discovered and validated.
To measure our progress, to measure repeatable improvement we have to remember those specific movements, weights and reps.
SO let's start writing down our Strength day and our WODs!