Today's WOD was called "The Traveler" - of course for obvious reasons.

The trip began by rowing 500m across a raging river
lunge 50ft through the swap with 45# overhead
press 95# logs overhead to the other side where we walked with the farmers carrying 45#
FINALLY we arrived at the woods where we had to sprint 200m while squatting 20x under fallen trees to arrive at our destination..... just to turn around and return home the same way we got there.
Congratulations to everyone for making it home all in one piece with the exception of one fallen log everyone finished the course in phe·nom·e·nal time.

Great to have Cameron (Tom and Stephanie's son) here tonight. GREAT JOB.
Special congratulations goes out to Scott doing so so well with CrossFit - DAY 2 and looking good. Stick with Scott, you're doing good.
Jessica and John....well I couldn't have ask for any better.....two true athletes!
Heather, Tim, Bill and Tom thanks for ALWAYS coming in and giving it your all! Nice way to end a good week for all of you.