You have to love these kinds of WODs. OK.... you don't have to! BUT, you have to admit as the numbers go down you start getting excited, you pick up your pace, you start feeling good "I can do this!", "I'm almost done!" and what a wonderful feeling that is......when you're all done.

Good job to my MM friends Bruce, Bill and Mark this morning for doing such a wonderful job... that inspired me to hit this WOD before going to work. We can all find reasons not to come in, not to work out, NOT TO GET UP AT 5AM..... but this morning was a "Hallmark moment" being with my friends. Thanks for coming in guys!  xoxo


WOW.... We had the crew! 10 in all.
All looking, watching, learning anticipating and then going at this WOD.... Not sure what they had to eat today but they were on fire. Fabulous job, Ryan, (back - from "somewhere") Heather, (nice job reviving herself!!) John & Jessica,(stepping it up a notch) Erin & Scott (started  just a couple of weeks ago and it's wonderful how far they've gotten) HUGE kudos to Ashley on her first WOD. Special recognition to Elisabeth & Heather on finding what is working best for them and "The Little Ones". Fran fabulous job on your wod tonight - 1st one done!  NICE. Congratulation to Tim today for doing the WOD at home, scaling UP and getting the best time of the day 13:42 SWEET. Stacey (as always putting all of her energy into her WODs!)