What an exciting day at CrossFit Beyond.

It was really exciting today... not to say fun.
Husband & Wife, Tom and Stephanie doing so well on their squats! What an improvement. "The couple", John and Jessica working and learning so much. Scott playing camera man. Peter, our newest member is so ambitious and working so hard. Heather (yes, our pregnant lady) is still going at the WOD by storm. Of course we have the morning crew, Bruce, Holly, Tim, Keith, Mark and Bill ...well I can't say enough about CrossFit Beyond's Morning Crew... they're the best.
But, I do believe we have some friendly competition
going between the morning and night class.
People are not just going up against the Pregnant Lady but we have a man to man competition going on... and they don't even know each other!
Morning Crusher Tim vs. Night Fighter John
annnnnnnnndddd the time of the day goes to
Morning Crusher Tim using 95# Squat Clean Thrusters - 14:34
Night Fighter John using the same finishing 16:44