If you know about CrossFit, have been involved in CrossFit or have done a CrossFit workout, you know the feeling, the same feeling that is felt by ALL CrossFitters. It's a feeling of unbelievable satisfication.  I think that is why the CrossFit community is so close. It's an experience you probably have never felt anywhere else.

Tonight we had several new Siena crew come in and "feel" CrossFit and they loved it! They're hook and they're coming back!!

That is why I must have the best job in the world. It is a CrossFitter's dream. To CrossFit, train CrossFit and to own a CrossFit gym!!

This has just been an amazing day of fun, laughter, bonding, sweating and doing a kick a$$ job today. It started with a very nice surprise from Kristy from Cleveland, Ohio!, hitting a team WOD with us, plus tabata. It didn't stop there... we enjoyed (very much so) the laughs Heather and Baby Orth were giving us. We are all afraid (especially Heather) that this baby is going to come out wanting to work out "for time"!!

Nice job on the Team WOD today. Special congrats goes out to our new athletes for just starting today and doing so well on three new movements.!! GO SIENA!