How may CrossFitters does it take to count up to 10,000?

OK I won't go there.  

I bet you didn't think you had to know math in order to do CrossFit.
Well today's morning WOD took a little "back to school" configuring, adjusting and adding lots and lots of weights..... 10,000lbs to be exact. It may have been easy for some and not so for others. (we won't mention any name...) But when "some" of us were done in less than 10 minutes the rest just looked! Plain and simply just looked! ? done? The rest of the troops encouraged them to look again...some how it took more than two minds to count up to 10,000.

All and All that was a really fun WOD. Good job morning class.

AND BIg Thanks to Irene for doing our Wednesday Night class the last two Wednesdays. Hope everyone enjoyed it.