I don't know what it is with the night class, but they come in fired up to beat the morning class.

Maybe it's built up energy from work.
More sleep.
...they're definitely more awake.
Goal driven?
"Beat the morning"

I'm not sure. But they kicked butt tonight..."just" barely passing Bruce with the time of the morning.
Great technique and form was all behind Bruce this morning, finishing first!
Nice job to everyone. Congratulations to Amy for completing her first CrossFit Workout with ease!! Very excited to have her on board - she is one fine athlete!

BIG "HELLO" goes out to two of our missing athletes whom we miss very much.
Shane recovering from surgery....(I feel your pain!) we're thinking of you and hope you get back in soon for one armed wods AND to Heather still on maternity leave... yup we can no longer call her the pregnant lady!! We all hope she settles in to another member of the family fast and get back with us.
It's not the same without you two. MISS YA!!