February FUN!

Saturday, February 4 @ 10am
We are doing a team WOD during open gym
Teams of 4 will compete against each other.
Sign up on the white board if you want to participate.
It will be for ALL levels of abilities!! So if you just want to have fun sign, create a team of 4!
REMINDER: NO coaching during open gym... coaches will be working out!

Saturday, February 11, 2011

Tri-State -Throw Down Athletes from three states will be competing in three levels, competitive, recreation and masters.
Albany CrossFit
Sand Creek Road
If you would like to go as a group we will be leaving after open gym at 11:00
GREAT opportunity to see another affiliate. Cheer Stacey on. See some competitions to get pumped up for our own
in-house competition

February 18 @ 10am

Collar City CrossFit vs.
CrossFit Beyond
We will be hosting a WOD at CrossFit Beyond with our neighboring CrossFit Box.

Please sign up for all three. All three will prove to be alot of fun!!