We all love it!
We all need it!

BUT we all have to be responsible.
We all need to be accountable for what we put in our bodies!

Remember what I said DAY 1 when you all started 80% of being a "healthy" person is what you put in your bodies.

CrossFit Beyond needs to look at what we're eating. Starting today!

1. READ the labels
2. Eat more protein
3. STOP the bad carb loading. All the whites. Breads. Pasta. Rice. SUGAR.
4. Measure and weigh your food for one week till you know what size portions you should be eating.
5. ENJOY your cheat days. Eat what you want. Drink what you want. Then get back to again. 1-2 cheats days a week.... Isn't that enough?

BE GOOD TO YOURSELF THIS YEAR! Treat your body like a temple. Nourish it. Take care of it.... and I PROMISE YOU will be one happy camper.