Comments and Announcements.

1. We'd really like to comment on how well the extra hours are working out for people... and although the numbers are smaller at the 6pm classes the board remains full!! Glad to see people are taking advance of the convenience to open gym.

2. To follow up on the open gym...we'd like thank our open gym staff for keeping things in order and under control and cleaner...!! The room is now being swept a little more and weights are being organized! Thanks guys.


So many people have taken their health to a new level since they've been here. It is truly thrilling to see the transformation of bodies and minds. I am seeing people's mind set change, people losing weight, and others getting ripped.
AWESOME job guys. Keep it up.



This weeks Fight Gone Bad was great and we had good numbers but Pat hit the top!!! 324. I asked him for 300 and he surpassed my expectations! NICE JOB PAT!


The Albany Rowing Center is putting on a 5k race on March 31, 2012. As you know we have several rowers here at CrossFit Beyond so if you enjoy running, jogging or walking please lets support their event on the 31st.