The CrossFit stories are endless that you find on the internet. The success stories of weight loss, strength in both body and mind and almost every story ends with it being a life changing experience!
Most stories appear on or  but this one below hit home. (although my story not being as tragic)
Almost 2 years ago I fell riping my rotator cuff an inch and a half. The surgeon said that I would not be able to train for 6 months to a year and that I would most likely never have full range of motion.
I told him that wasn't going to happen!
That was not only my job to train but I needed CrossFit, I needed to workout.
Within 4 months I had full range of motion and I was putting 95# overhead again.
ANYTHING is possible! NEVER doubt your abilities and your strength!

7 MONTHS after losing a leg!!
"I was wounded in Afghanistan on Aug 16, 2011. I lost my left leg below the knee, broke my right leg, broken ribs, sustained a lot of frag to my legs, and the list goes on. Its been less then 7 months since my injury and here I am completing 12.3."
- Jake Pope.