Muscle Ups

HUGE Week down at CrossFit Beyond.

We had 4... YES four people get muscle ups this week!
Congratulations to
John E.
Joseph (walk-in) Joseph asked "how you do that?"... gave him the basics, up he went 1....2.... 3rd try and he got it!!

As a trainer and owner I can't tell you how it feels when athletes do well, when athletes make strides. It's not the's the athlete that makes them successful. If you want go and get it!!!

Nice job to Narodie for getting his butterfly pull ups going. Matt getting down his kipping and to Karli and Heather who are making big steps toward their pull ups!

All I can say (honestly) is I'm thrilled to no end on everyones success. Ryan, Wes, Kristine, and Andrew to name a few more who have just excelled since they've started.

This past week we had PRs left and right. Bruce taking 2minutes off his Fran time! 2 MINUTES!!! and 5 people hit PRs on their 1 rep deadlift.

CrossFit Beyond.... you are doing AWESOME!