Muscle Ups, Muscle Ups and More Muscle Ups!

CrossFit Beyond is growing, getting stronger and making some serious athletes!!
John, Pat hitting the high rounds rx'd!!! Muscle Ups and a 2 pood Kettle Bell!!

Within in months.... just weeks.... Trenton, Matt and Nick are doing muscle ups in the WODs.

and Kristine... OFF THE BAND! By looking at them now you'd never think they were ever on a band.

and Morgan!!! She is on her way, fast and eager hitting the best rounds of the day for women!

BIG congrats to all our new people.... hitting WODs that are....well.... very unfamiliar territory. NICE!

2 - Muscle Ups
(3 “box” dips/3 pull ups)
4 - Handstand push ups
8 - 2 pood Kettle Bell Swings