1 Year Anniversary

CrossFit Beyond would like to congratulate Tom O'Grady on his 1 year anniversary with CrossFit and CrossFit Beyond.

From the moment Tom came in, he became engulfed with CrossFit. Loving all of it. So much that while away he asked for traveling wods.
In Antarctica Tom found enough equipment to keep himself busy (all the time)!!http://crossfitbeyond.com/blog/theres-no-escape/

Wanting to improve all the time, knowing his limitation and always striving to do better.

We are thrilled to have someone like Tom in our midst and hope there is many more anniversarys to celebrate!

Tom 1 year ago


  • It's my one year anniversary today at CrossFit Beyond. Here's where I was a year ago. I was 242 pounds and a size 40. I failed my physical fitness test, scoring a 32 out of 100, and I couldn't do 1 sit-up. Today I am 211 pounds and falling, a size 34, I have an 85 out of 100 on my PT test and I am doing inverted sit-ups with a 25 pound weight. I'm thinking about becoming a trainer and I am super motivated to stay fit. If you really want to be fit, come work out with me. I can't promise you'll love it, but stick with it and the results will take care of themselves.