I have been approached by a few people wondering where they can purchase paleo-approved foods, etc. To get the best deals, you may have to search/travel/plan out your grocery shopping. If you are looking for almond flour, be ready to pay at least $10 for Bob's Red Mill 16oz bag. I will suggest that you order your almond flour off of the internet, better deals AND you can get blanched, finely ground almond flour that works well for everything! I have found coconut flour is cheapest at Shop Rite ($6ish), check out their gluten free aisle! If you want almond butter or coconut oil, Trader Joes is the way to go! $5 each seems to be the best price! In saratoga I found a regular sized jar of almond butter for $20!!!! Whaaaat?! Yeah, Saratoga almonds aren't special, don't pay that much!

Now for the meat! In Hannaford, Price Chopper, Trader Joe's, and Shop Rite I have purchased chicken sausage (the good gluten free, nitrate free stuff) If you look, it's there and for $3-$4 a package. Check the ingredients though, some of them have added sugar! Grass-fed meat can be purchased either at the farmers markets or at Honest Weight. Hopefully soon we can get it worked out to have grass-fed meat sold through CrossFit Beyond for a reasonable price! More on that soon!

I hope this has been helpful, please comment and let me know other good deals you've found or if you have questions ask!!! If I don't know the answer I will look it up!

here's the link to my amazon list if you need ideas on some good things!