Upcoming events!

Tomorrow night is the End of Summer Bash at Collar City CrossFit in Troy at 6pm! There will be no 5pm or 6pm classes at CrossFit Beyond. If you don't want to compete, show up and cheer our competitors on!

Collar City CrossFit Location: 51 River Street Troy, NY 12180

Monday September 3rd is Labor day and "Stephen" at Albany Crossfit. Let's show our support for Joy and Stacey and get out there!

Speaking of support, let's all remember to cheer Joy on like she does for us every day,  as she prepares for her lifting competition in October!

Don't forget to purchase a CrossFit Beyond T-Shirt or tank top to wear, especially for all of these events outside of our box! Hopefully the women's purple shirts will be in soon and we're looking into a few other items. Exciting!!!!!