Challenge time!

Today is the first day of the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge as well as the in-house challenge. If you are doing the challenge on-line make sure you get your pictures and measurements posted!

I want to thank everyone that has written back to me abut the Buckley Beef order, I hope to get this going ASAP! Please, if you haven't replied to me about it and you still want to order, let me know! (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check your e-mail!)

Quick tip for you challengers:

New to Paleo? Have you tried Chipotle yet?! If you don't feel like cooking, don't give in and cheat! Stay Strong! Try a Chipotle salad. Just lettuce, peppers and onions, salsa (without corn), any of the meat, and guacamole! (No beans, rice, or dressing people!) It tastes awesome and it's easy. (I should probably be the next spokesperson for chipotle after that shpeal!)


(I guess people, like Kate Barth, don't realize when its me posting, and then think I'm I will sign my name from now on!)