Back to Back Sermons

The past two weekends CrossFit or the strength of CrossFit, has been used in Church Sermons

Last week at the wedding of Stacey and Eugene (YEAH, CONGRATU- LATION!) the sermon mentioned marriage being  similar to "Murph".  Effort that had it's ups and downs but ends up being all worth the hard work. Along with Murph the analogy of "Functional Movements" came into part.  (we'll leave that explanation for another post)....

And then this past weekend the sermon, at the Community Reformed Church in Colonie, was about Trenton (our morning guy and trainer) paying the price for the students in Professor Christianson's class for sweet donuts. The price for a student to receive a donut was 10 pushups. Even if you didn't want the donut Trenton would perform 10 pushups anyway, paying the price for the dount and putting it aside if you choice to accept it later.

That analogy represented Jesus's death on the cross.... Jesus gave his life for us regardless if we choice to believe and accept him. He paid the price for each of us. "The Price (of salvation) Has Been Paid"

Bruce did a wonderful job in presenting the sermon. (and yeah Trenton did ok too, :)  - 300 pushups - paying the price for 30 students)

THANK YOU CrossFit Beyond for once again "representing" our community down on Broadway.