Pain vs. Discomfort

I hope everyone that participated int he challenge had a good experience! Whether you lost fat, gained muscle, lost inches, or just felt better, I hope you took something positive away from this! I can't wait to see everyone's results posted on the board at the box!!

Now, onto a different topic! Discomfort and injury...whats the difference? Will you look weak if you don't RX the WOD? I was thinking how a few of us try to play through pain and forget that there are smarter options, but we need to realize the difference between discomfort and injury!Injury Vs. Discomfort- from Grizzly Strong

  1. If it’s at all related to mobility – MOBILIZE, don’t use it as an excuse to scale

  2. Don’t be afraid to scale, but do it because you need it, not because you want it

  3. If it forces you to compromise mechanics, find a replacement movement or go home

  4. Do something else! Crossfit has hundreds of movements, if you can’t do one, find a similar one and scale it appropriately, there’s almost always something you can do

  5. RICE is your friend (no not the grain!) – Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate; this solves at least 75% of my “discomforts”

  6. If you’re not sure, or it persists, see someone with letters after there name

  7. Don’t ask the resident gym bro (like me) what you should do if your shoulder pops, or why your knee hurts, we don’t know, but if you ask – we’re gonna try and answer, and that’s bad for both ends

  8. Get to know yourself, figure out which pains are real and which are tolerable, some will make you stronger, others will put you on the couch for a month

  9. Don’t forget the big picture, I hate taking days off for injury, but two days versus four weeks is a big difference, the last thing you should do is make something worse

  10. Being injured doesn’t make you less bada**, but staying injured makes you an idiot –Me

Stay safe athletes!!! No injuries...especially with competitions coming up!