2013 Goals

As we begin each New Year, we have the tendency to set goals. Some are successful and some go by the way side.
We would like to take those goals to a new level and have accountability partners! Several of us have been talking about this for months; that we want this year to be different, this year is the year we set goals and stick with them. It's very exciting to be a part of a group where others are helping you, standing by you and making you accountable for your goals!!

Whether you are spiritually based or not, we have a goals sheet, Courtesy of CrossFit Faith, listing different areas in your life you may want to improve upon.

So far we have 4 people with goals written out. Goals ranging from working out more to joining a small group.

If you are interested please pick up a sheet on the shelf by the radio and hand back in this week. The sheet does not have to have all areas filled in.
You may just want to fill in your Physical goals so here at CrossFit Beyond we know what you are looking for.