Success Stories


We have been hearing and watching some of the competitors crush times and weights. But it's not that often we hear about the seemingly unnoticed success stories.
We have had several milestones happen over the past couple of weeks that many of you don't know about.

Meghan got her first pull up.
Tony not only did Handstand push ups this past week but did his first WOD without using a band for pullups.
Lou got 160 in the OPEN 13.3 using MELINDA. CRAZY DUDE!
Deb (if she was registered) would have been 77th out of 237 nationally in the 13.3 WOD
James did (not quite his first) but his first in awhile today after 5-6 tries. He got it!!! Really nice James.

We have so many stories just like these.... all the new people, EVERYDAY is a success. New movements, new challenges, making continuous progress EVERYDAY.

Below is Tom's CrossFit Success! CONGRATULATIONS TOM!

Joy and the athletes of CrossFit Beyond,

Today I took the final physical fitness assessment of my Air Force career. I scored an 85% on it. Just two short years ago I was on the verge of being drummed out for multiple failures. I was passed over for promotion and I would have lost my pension, two years before I could collect on it. I know it may seem like some sort of individual effort to pass my test, and to keep passing it for two years, but the truth is this was a team effort. Obviously Joy had a lot to do with it. She made me feel comfortable on day one. She took in a guy with a gym phobia and made him feel comfortable. Stacey and Eugene drove me like a rented mule in the early days, making me jump, run and lift when all I wanted to do was quit. Today, so many talented and gifted athletes keep me moving. I get inspired by the men and women around me who RX WODs like they're nothing, new athletes who struggle at light weights or low reps but just keep going no matter what, and coaches who took the time, money and sacrifice getting their certs and constantly educating themselves to make me better than I was yesterday.

So to everyone at CrossFit Beyond...thank you for making me feel welcome. Welcome all new members the way I've been welcomed and our little box will continue to grow.

Tom O'Grady
Technical Sergeant
United States Air Force

50 Signs You’re Obsessed with CrossFit

This was way too good not to post! Taken from! Hilarious website!

1. At any point in the day, if you're not thinking about CrossFit then you're thinking about coffee or bacon.

2. You use the royal 'we' when talking about CrossFit. 'We don't use machines; we are the machines.

3. When life hands you lemons, you squat. Squats make everything better. And if squats don't, bacon will.

4. You believe that active recovery can = WOD. The clue is in the name. Active recovery.

5. Your friends have a code word they use frequently to signal you’re talking about CrossFit to much. Again.

6. You don't laugh at snatch jokes anymore.

7. You wear Reebok Nano’s outside of the gym.

8. The posts on your Facebook timeline look something like this: CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit.

9. Your internet browsing history looks something like this: CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit.

10. A missed lift keeps you up at night. You can’t stop thinking about it like you need to get back to the gym and try again right now. You know you got this.

11. You don't go to any social event unless its paleo and ends by 8.30pm. You need sleep. You have CrossFit tomorrow.

 12. You Google restaurant venues ahead of time to figure out how you’re gonna dissect the menu for paleo options.

13. Everybody you know, knows you CrossFit. Everyone. Like your name and CrossFit are synonyms.

14. You wear v-neck shirts even when you have clavicle bruises. You earned those bruises and you wear them proudly.

15. You already requested vacation days at work July 22-28th. Even though tickets for this year’s CrossFit Games aren't released yet, you already know you're going.

16. You become instantly outraged at any suggestion that CrossFit is a cult. “... but it's a good cult.”

17. You've known the people at your new box for only 2 months, yet already they understand you better than your life long, non CrossFitting friends.

18. There's someone at work who doesn't know your name, or what your job is, but they know that you CrossFit.

19. You wake up sore and wonder if you actually acted out that 1RM snatch dream in your sleep last night.

20. CrossFit doesn't fit around your schedule; your schedule fits around CrossFit. CrossFit is your schedule.

21. If it’s Reebok CrossFit you have to have it. Yes you have it in black, grey, green, yellow and blue but this one is different. It's red.

22. You carry 2-3 pairs of shoes at any one time in your gym bag.

23. You won't spend $30 on sunday brunch – waste of money when you have eggs at home. But, you'll spend $139 on custom nanos, $289 at Lululemon, $120 on Progenex, $40 on a foam roller, $80 on shorts and $30 on socks branded with CrossFit.

24. You’re genuinely sorry you can't go out tonight for your friend’s birthday drinks, but its Wednesday. 13.4 is announced tonight, and it’s not the same if you don’t watch it live.

25. Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon

26. The next person to refer to CrossFit as bootcamp is going to witness something extrordinarily unique…

27. Your computer password is ‘CrossFit’, ‘burpees’, ‘snatchin’ or ‘321go’.

28. You check the WOD even on rest days. You know...just in case.

29. “It's a lifestyle, not a workout.”

30. Date night. If they CrossFit – great. You’ll talk about CrossFit all night. If they don’t, heck, who cares you’re just gonna talk about CrossFit all night anyway.

31. You’ll decline a Friday night invitation to happy hour with friends, but a last minute CrossFit social? You’re In!

32. Snow storm approaching...torch - check, food - check, ab mat - check, kettle bell - check, print out at home WODs - check. You will not be defeated by a bit of snow. Bring it on storm troopers.

33. Your New Year’s resolution was to mobilize more.

34. Every song on the radio reminds you of “this one time…at CrossFit”

35. “Sorry, I can't go out tonight, I have a CrossFit competition in 38 weeks...I gotta get some rest”

36. You've done a handstand or a pistol anywhere other than the gym so that someone can snap a pic.

37. You hate burpees. Like really hate burpees. Really really intensely dislike burpees. Except you love them.

38. You’ve taken your shirt off after 2 push ups.

39. You find double unders are the most frustrating thing on the earth. Until you get them. Then they’re just all about timing.

40. Progenex is your favorite meal of the day. It’s like a cheat meal.

41. "Hold the bread, the dressing, the cheese, the croutons and the beans. Extra bacon please."

42. Your package from rogue arrived. OMG. You have to get home right away.

43. You have 7 LAX balls at home but have never played LAX in your life

44. Can't walk past a park bench without banging out a few box jumps. Or a fire hydrant without trying to balance a pistol on top.

45. Chalk, new outfits and tape make you stronger. (No, really they actually make you stronger.)

46. 100lbs is light weight. LIGHTWEIGHT baby!!!

47. Massage is no longer a luxury it's a necessity.

48. "RWARRRR!!" is actually a word in your vocabulary.

49. You just shopped self service in IKEA...LIKE A BOSS. #yeahyoudid.

50. You might not have that muscle up yet. But one day you will. And you will NOT be stopped.