Non-RX Competition

I love competing in CrossFit competitions. Not because I even come CLOSE to winning, but because it gives me a goal to work towards. I train harder in the days leading up to the competition and then after it, I have a better idea of what I need to improve.

Not everyone is at the RX competition level and many of you feel you aren't "ready" to compete. Luckily, there are competitions made just for people who are serious about their training, but just aren't at the RX weights level, YET! Check out this competition in North Haven, CT. A few of us from the box competed here a few months ago and it was a really good competition.


North Haven CrossFit would like to invite you to join our next event being hosted on:
Saturday, May 11th
9am- 4pm

If your members have always wanted to do a CrossFit competition, but were nervous about the WODs and the RX’ed weights, then this competition is for your members. The Non-RX competition is designed to test your skills as a team but have fun while doing it. Each and every movement is designed to be 100% scalable to your skill and ability. Bring a partner and come have fun.

Teams will consist of two same sex partners.

To register please visit

Standards: If you fall at or below the majority of these standards this is the competition for you!

50 air squats (unbroken)
Squat: 3/4 x BW
Deadlift: 1 1/4 x BW
Vertical Jump: 20 inches

Pushups: 20
Bench Press: 3/4 x BW
Handstand Hold: 45 seconds
Dips: 5 on rings

Clean: 1/2 x BW
Pullups: 5

Overhead Squat: 1/2 x BW
GHD situps: 20

400 meter run: 1:45 minutes
Snatch: 1/4 x BW

Karen: 9 minutes
150 Wall Balls
1 mile run: 8:00 minutes