CrossFit Love

In case you haven't heard by now...Two of our CrossFit Beyond trainers, Matt and Karli, got engaged a few weeks ago, quite appropriately at the Mayhem in the Meadowlands CrossFit Competition. The couple actually met at CrossFit Beyond about a year ago.


Matt, along with the people from the Mayhem Competition, set up a fake raffle that picked one "random" athlete to help Katie Hogan (Crossfit Games athlete) announce the final WOD! Katie Hogan is Karli's favorite CrossFit athlete in the entire world (her lifting idol!) Katie then questioned Karli about who she was at the event with - Karli of course said CrossFit Beyond, so Katie dug deeper by asking Karli who that guy was she saw her jumping on earlier in the day. Matt then got called up to join them in announcing the WOD....Katie then reached into her jacket to hand Karli two sheets of paper - one reading "will you" the next "marry me?"

Check out the video! All of this happened right in the middle of Metlife Stadium! It's pretty fantastic! Glad she said yes! Congrats again!