Photo Board

Very exciting news! CrossFit Beyond has purchased a Mini Polaroid Camera! So what does this mean? It means that I will be creating a CrossFit Beyond Members Photo Board! Starting with the members participating in the Memorial Day 'Murph' WOD this coming Monday. So, come camera ready because I will be snapping your photo before the workout, or after if you prefer the sweaty, tired, just had an intense work out look! As for the members who are unable to make it on Monday, Joy and I will also be taking photos at regular class times. We will be doing this until we have a nice, smiling picture of every CrossFit Beyond Member.

This will be a nice way to visually see all of our members! Keep an eye out for the completed photo board, which will be going up in the space above the water fountain.

CrossFit Beyond New Addition




Friday, May 24, 2013

Braydon Christopher Orth

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Braydon Christopher Orth

Congratulations to the Orth Family we have another CrossFitter!!
Heather has been pregnant through 2 children now and has never stopped!!
Friday of this past week she was snatching 65#, deadlifting and doing step ups...... Saturday she gave birth, strong and healthy!!!!
CrossFit prepares you for everything!
Since her start with CrossFit Beyond almost 3 years ago at Siena College she has brought in her son, Tyson, (awesome deadlifts and squats) her Mom, Deb, and on-and-off awesome husband Chris.
We are thrilled to have Braydon into our family. I'm sure he will be on the sidelines watching with his brother very soon!!

Heather's only regret, (seriously) is that she is going to miss tommorrow's MURPH!