Nutrition 101:


We had a great turnout for our nutrition class on Wednesday night! Those attending received a folder full of great information about the Zone and Paleo lifestyle, as well as a CD containing 15 Paleo cookbooks! There were also plenty of things to sample! From bananas topped with almond butter to a delicious chicken, mushroom, and coconut milk dish that Joy put together (the recipe is listed below the pictures, per Brian's request that I get it from Joy and post it immediately-Ha!) Joy explained a lot about the foods we put into our bodies, based on a great deal of her own person experiences, and a few members shared their own success stories with Paleo as well. Here are some pictures from the event!




After the class I asked Joy to send me the chicken recipe...she responded with "That was made up"...haha but here it is:

Joy's That Was Made Up...Delicious Chicken Recipe:


Boneless chicken thighs
1/2 can Coconut milk
seasonings of your choice, sea salt, cracked pepper, 1/2 can coconut milk

saute chicken, add mushrooms until brown then add can of coconut milk, simmer down to gravy

100 Burpees!!!!


Yesterday's WOD was intense to say the least, and even more intense was the After Party! I'll admit that when I saw 100 burpees on the board, I had thoughts of sneaking back into my car and going home, but I stuck it out and I am glad I did! If you unfortunately missed out on yesterday's missed a good one! Maybe one of the trainers will let you make up the After Party this week if you are really upset that you missed it :) Phew! There's nothing like doing 100 burpees in 90 degree weather! Stay hydrated everyone, it is officially summertime!

A Map of Good Nutrition

I absolutely love this map! It breaks down proper nutrition in a visually appealing and easy to understand format. Enjoy and don't forget to come to our Nutrition Class this Wednesday night from 7:00-7:45! Bring your family and friends along, just sign them up on the whiteboard!


Rowing Success!

Great weather and a great turn out for our "I Rowed the CrossFit Challenge Event"! A huge thank you to Joy, Heather Evans, and The Albany Rowing Center for hosting and organizing the event! It was a lot of fun (although I skipped the rowing part which everyone said was super fun and yelled at me for not going-so next year I will, I promise!) Here are a few great pictures from the event. Check them all out on our Facebook page, or in the gallery section of this website.